Drivers in Clintonville who seek out adventure know that Jeep has the ideal SUVs for them. The lineup has many robust offerings, which can make it hard to choose. The Cherokee is a popular one here in the Clintonville area, but is it right for you? Let's compare its size to the other options you have.

The Renegade has the distinction of being the smallest in the lineup. This does not mean it is cramped, however. You'll have room for up to five in this SUV. The Renegade is approximately 166 inches long and 74 inches wide. There are 100.1 cubic feet for passenger volume and a cargo capacity of up to 50.8 cubic feet.

At Klein Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we love the Compass as well. It is only slightly larger than the Renegade, measuring in at 173 inches long and almost 74 inches wide. Despite being so much longer, the passenger volume is slightly smaller here, sitting at 99.6 cubic feet. You get more room for your gear, however, with up to 59.8 cubic feet.

Now we get to the Cherokee. At 182 inches, it is considerably longer than the last two choices. At the same time, it is a hair narrower, measuring 73.2 inches in width. These dimensions translate to a roomy 128 cubic feet of passenger volume along with 54.7 cubic feet for cargo.

There is also the Grand Cherokee to consider. It is approximately seven inches long and three inches wider, with its measurements coming in at 189.8-inches and 76.5-inches. The Grand Cherokee prioritizes cargo space more than the Cherokee. As a result, there are a more than respectable 105.4 cubic feet when it comes to passenger volume and an impressive 68.3 cubic feet for cargo space.

Of course, there is also the Wrangler to consider. This adventurous SUV is approximately the same size as the Renegade, coming in at 166 inches in length and about 74 inches in width. Inside, you get up to 31.7 cubic feet to stash your gear before heading out.

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